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How a performance campaign that drives profitable sales also helps build your brand

During the pandemic lockdowns of 2019-2022 the lines between brand advertising and performance or direct to consumer advertising became increasingly blurred as brand owners who had traditionally relied on high street retailers to sell their product were forced to build direct relationships with their customers.

This change in attitude by brand owners was matched by a change in consumer behaviour as online shopping from home boomed. Whilst bricks and mortar retailers were forced to close, their online counterparts saw record sales.

Since the pandemic subsided in early 2022 there has been a significant return to the high street but online sales remain higher than pre-pandemic levels as both consumers and brand owners continue to enjoy the benefits of a direct relationship.

The most successful D2C companies are those that fully exploit all direct marketing channels whilst remaining true to their brand values. Rather than diminishing the strength of a brand, a multi-channel performance marketing campaign should reinforce brand values. Profitable direct sales and brand building are no longer mutually exclusive disciplines. 

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