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Drive more traffic and more sales through your website with a powerful TV ad produced & placed by Lavery Rowe TV

More and more clients are seeing the benefit of running TV in conjunction with their press campaigns – a clear case of “the whole” being “greater than the sum of the parts”. Whilst both TV and press return a positive ROI in their own right, running them simultaneously increases response across both media.

TV drives valuable traffic to your website whilst simultaneously building brand awareness – “if it’s on TV it must be good!”: TV builds trust and credibility.

But not everyone immediately reaches for their phone or keyboard the moment they see your ad. And that’s where press comes in, effectively retargeting your daytime TV audience when they are away from the TV and focused on their favourite read. That’s why full-page ads consistently perform better when run concurrently with a TV campaign.

Our experience shows TV drives web traffic and sales across a wide range of products and services: home improvements, fashion, cookware, DIY, financial services, home furnishing. TV production budgets can range from as little as £5,000 to as much as £50,000, whilst a typical airtime test budget is approximately £25,000.

Below you’ll find links to our latest TV ads. 

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