QR Codes

The importance of QR codes for consumers and advertisers!

If you’re not already familiar with them, QR, short for Quick Response, codes are scannable images that can be easily read using a smartphone camera. Upon scanning the code, the individual is then directed to a landing page/website, bridging the gap between offline and online engagement. Since the implementation of them in the governments track and trace program, most people have had no choice but to gain familiarity with this method of direct response. 

It comes as no surprise that we have seen plenty of advertisers adopting these codes into their national press ads. With the implementation of QR codes in press campaigns, we can make the consumer journey from offline to online instantaneous. QR codes negate the need for people to manually type in long URLs or use phone numbers and by simplifying this call to action we are able to increase the likelihood of conversion.

Other benefits include:

– Every QR code has built-in unique trackability unlike a generic URL.

– The ability to create direct links to specific landing pages, videos, demos etc.

– New creative opportunities.

– QR codes could help to prevent advertisers from having to pay for Google searches.

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