Native advertising

How “Native” digital ads can replicate the success of your “Press Advertorials” online

This week we have begun rolling out test proposals for our new D2C digital solution, native advertising!

More engagement
Unlike the disruptive nature of digital display ads (banners), native ads are designed to appeal to the curiosity of the reader and encourage “true engagement”. Readers interact with digital native ads out of genuine interest and just like your newspaper and magazine advertorials, they effortlessly fit in with the surrounding content of the online publication.

Pay per click

An additional benefit is that advertisers only pay for genuinely interested online readers, as the ad is paid for on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis through a programmatic buying model.

Much higher CTR

The efficiency of this type of advertising is reinforced by the fact that native ads produce a click-through-rate (CTR) 8.8x higher than typical display / banner ads. Higher engagement, driven by curiosity and genuine interest drives a much higher CTR.

Build sales or prospects

These native ads generally click through to one of 2 types of landing page. Either a “bottom of the sales funnel” conversion page which aims to immediately convert to sale, or a “top of the funnel” prospecting page designed to inform rather than convert. The latter usually has a call to action at the bottom of this article to take the reader further down the sales funnel, however if readers choose to exit the page, we are able to retarget them with a more performance-based campaign. Ideally both approaches are tested with multiple creatives to determine what gives the highest ROI.

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