Affiliate Marketing

With the ongoing boom in e-commerce, advertisers need to consider the unique advantages of affiliate marketing!

Affiliate marketing is an incredibly effective performance-based method of generating sales that pays for results, not for ads. Put simply, an affiliate is a marketing partner who sends you leads or sales on a pure cost per acquisition basis.

The way it works is that we provide an affiliate strategy for our clients based on partnerships with high-volume affiliate sites, Voucher code sites, comparison sites and cashback sites are amongst the best partners for this type of zero risk advertising since they generate so much traffic and their primary purpose is to generate sales. Online news publishers are also strongly recommended, as there are millions of people checking their sites for daily news coverage. 

LR Digital have a wealth of experience in the set up and management of these affiliate programs with a huge network of contacts including the largest voucher code sites operating in the UK. We partner with a technology provider that allows us to track affiliates links directly to the sales they have generated on your site. Taking on the heavy lifting with the tracking, reporting, and program growth is our key focus and the best part of affiliates is that it’s paid purely on performance. Affiliates are only due commissions once a sale has been made and confirmed.

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