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Over the last 6-12 months, our partners UKLPS have had several new clients test Direct Mail and this is a great opportunity we wanted to make our clients aware of. With consumers spending greater time at home currently, direct mail response rates in 2020 have been some of the best that we have seen for a number of years. UKLPS manage one of the UK’s largest portfolio of GDPR compliant lists that can reach the 50+ audience. Combined, the team managed over 3 million mail order buyers in the last 12 months alone. These names are available across 25 different mail order catalogues and consist entirely of direct response buyers. These lists are very popular with the Charity sector, however, we have regular bookings from a number of mail order clients across the Health, Clothing and Collectable sector.


In addition to the traditional mail order catalogues we are seeing new clients test lists. The age and profile of our portfolio are the perfect match for their target audiences and since these are direct response generated names they are highly responsive.
The various sectors that we have supplied data to include:
Health Mail Order
Clothes Mail Order
Misc. Mail Order
Home Products
Life Insurance
Many of you may already be mailing your existing customers and some may even be involved in the mail order data pools like Abacus & Experian Club Canvasse. However, we have seen small tests of our lists turn into repeat bookings. The direct response nature of these lists mean that the individuals are attuned to receiving offers by post and more importantly buying.
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