The power of print

Newspapers and magazines still combine strong engagement with massive reach!

Daily digital national news readership is up 20% YoY and with the increase in people reading national news brands online for free, it’s easy to forget that millions of affluent 45+ consumers still prefer to pay for their daily paper or favourite magazine!

An incredible 20 million people per week are still buying newspapers: this represents a third of the UK population. Most importantly these newspaper buyers are heavily invested in the newspaper they have paid to read.

Not only are there 20 million people reading newspapers, but they are also reading them for longer (IPA Touchpoints data). Readers are more engaged than ever, spending 24% longer reading their newspaper during the coronavirus pandemic. This works out to be an extra hour and 40 minutes of reading time. The attention and engagement of people that read newspapers is unlike those that consume other media: a newspaper is a physical product that an individual buys and because they have spent money on this product, they take time to digest it thoroughly. This demonstrates the unique relationship that readers have with their chosen newspaper or magazine: there is simply nothing else like it. This close affinity to the medium is something advertisers can harness to their advantage, not least because it engenders such a high level of trust.

These observations are backed up by research (RAMetrics) which concluded that print ad recall has improved significantly over the last 10 years, along with other measures such as interest, understanding and ultimately action.

It’s this increase in “action” that has been so apparent since the beginning of the pandemic and lockdown in March. Press is driving more sales, more profitably than ever before!

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