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National Press Advertising

What is National Press Advertising?

National press advertising is a form of above the line advertising which involves placing ads in national or local press media. Whether it’s a newspaper, magazine or trade publication, press advertising can achieve huge reach on both a local and national scale. National newspapers alone are purchased by over 6 million adults daily and read by over 12 million – that’s more than 1 in 4 of the UK adult population every single day.

Lavery Rowe Advertising has nearly 40 years’ experience creating impactful national press advertising campaigns and can help develop your campaign strategy, setting clear key performance indicators (KPIs) against which the performance of your campaign can be measured. Lavery Rowe can design your press ads, write the copy, plan and book the media and help you measure and interpret the results. Lavery Rowe places over 11,000 direct response press ads every year. As one of the UK’s largest buying points of press advertising space we use our immense buying power to save you money.

Whatever your marketing objectives are, whether driving web traffic, telephone enquiries or postal response or driving sales through retail, Lavery Rowe has 40 years of press advertising experience to help you achieve your goals.

Why use National Press Advertising?

Here are our Top 10 reasons for making national press & magazine advertising a core part of your marketing mix:

  1. IT WORKS –whether the objective is linear direct response, driving traffic to web, driving retail sales or building brand awareness, press advertising works – we see it every day in results and we see it in independent research.
  2. IT’S LOW RISK –testing press has never been more affordable.
  3. IT’S ECONOMICAL –press can be purchased at highly competitive cpt / cpm compared to other media
  4. IT’S SCALEABLE –we see individual direct response clients spending in excess of £8,000,000 p.a. in press, 100% of which is direct response driven
  5. IT’S WELL TARGETED –whether targeting the mass-market, mid-market or up-market, newspapers offer cost effective access to a 45 plus readership with money to spend. Combine these with women’s weeklies or specialist magazines for more precise targeting.
  6. IT’S IMPACTFUL & ENGAGING –we make maximum use of large sizes (pages and DPS), special positions (front page strips) and special formats (advertorial features) to maximise impact and response
  7. IT’S IMMEDIATE –with copy deadlines as short as 1 day and no requirement for lengthy pre-clearance of copy you can decide that you want to be in tomorrow’s national newspaper today (and some clients do!).
  1. IT’S TRUSTED –generally speaking, readers identify closely with the titles they purchase and they trust the information presented to them, either as editorial or advertising
  2. IT’S AUDITED –circulation figures are strictly audited and independently verified, unlike many other media where data is based upon survey information
  3. IT’S AVAILABLE 365 DAYS A YEAR –national press and magazine advertising media is always available. If you miss one there’s always another one coming along soon!

When you work with Lavery Rowe Advertising

you benefit from:

  • NO long term contracts
  • NO volume media commitments
  • NO fees or expensive creative charges

3 Reasons You Should Use National Press Ads in the Digital Age

The superior Impact and Engagement of National Press Advertising

Newspapers and magazines engage their readers for longer than most other media. They are read for longer, often by readers who identify with the content and who have paid to read them, and often kept for longer. You have the reader’s attention and the physical space, such as a full-page ad, to be able to get their interest, create desire and generate action (AIDA). That’s why on average print ads are viewed for 2.5x longer than digital ads.

The Scale and Reach of Newspapers and Magazines

Nearly 1 in 4 UK adults read a national newspaper every day. That’s 12.2 million people every day, 22.4 million people every week and 27.4 million people every month! Plus, they spend a lot of time reading their newspaper – 1 hour 10 minutes on average. If you are targeting wealthy 50+ adults with high levels of disposable income, newspapers and magazines provide tremendous reach and scale.

Trust in National Newspaper & Consumer Magazine brands 

By placing ads in a paid for newspaper or magazine you are talking to potential customers within an environment they trust. Research has proven people react positively to ads in the familiar context of their favourite newspaper or magazine. It has also been shown that physically touching print ads increases purchase intent significantly.

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