Press Advertising

What is Press Advertising?

Press Advertising is a form of display advertising, usually involving placing ads in national, local or street press mediums. Whether it’s a newspaper, periodical, trade publication or magazine, utilising advertising space in the press can give you achieve huge brand exposure on a local or national scale.

Lavery Rowe have over 30 years experience in Press Advertising and can develop the campaign strategy, design the adverts and plan/book the publications, helping you buy better, more effective press/print campaigns using our contacts to save you the hassle of contacting them yourself.

Whether you are looking for display ads, classifieds or even banner adverts on the publication’s website, we are your partners in the press to help you showcase your brand to a massive audience.

Why use press advertising?

Large audiences –  In the UK, the best selling newspapers have daily circulations of over 1 million copies – that’s 1 million pairs of eyes to get your product in front of.

Fast results – with a fast moving news cycle, results will come in quick.

Large volumes of responses – although response rates sit around 0.01%, advertising in the press gives such large audience number, this can still equate to huge numbers of reponses, leads and potential sales.

Negotiable rates – with regular deadlines to meet publication dates, news advertising executives can be more flexible when it comes to pricing.

When you work with Lavery Rowe Advertising

you benefit from:

  • NO long term contracts
  • NO volume media commitments
  • NO fees or expensive creative charges

Know Your Market

It’s important to pick the most beneficial media combination to maximise the audience your ad will reach, then negotiating and agreeing on the best spaces and time frames to utilise this audience.

With extensive knowledge of the industry, we can tailor your campaign to get infront of the right people, be it in broadsheets for busy commuters or for those reading their favourite gossip magazine.

With our contacts in the business, we can make sure you get the best return on investment possible. Speaking their language and knowing what’s on offer to make your ad truly competitive, we pass any savings on to you.

Things to Consider When Using Press Advertising

Cost – With high audience numbers comes a high price. At Lavery Row, we tailor your campaign to target key audiences in specific publications to make the most of your money

Competition – As such a high value market at your finger tips, competition for prime spaces can e fierce. Using our connections in the industry, we will help you get the best position possible.

Low enagagement rates – While millions may read the newspaper, how many actually scour all the adverts? With our expertise, your ad will be sure to cut through the noise and get your brand noticed.

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