Newspaper Insert Advertising

What are Newspaper inserts?

An insert in a Newspaper, much like magazine inserts, are separate literature that are placed within the Newspaper and can be taken out separately. This is often a leaflet, card or a small brochure.

Getting your ads into newspapers is one of the most powerful one-to-one marketing options at your disposal, with creativity mixed the reach and low cost of press advertising.

With our experience in the field, we will help you get your advertisements in front of all the right people, and guarantee you a return on your investment.

How Lavery Rowe does newspaper advertisements

We won’t waste your money with irrelevant placements in publications your clients aren’t reading. We will also ensure your content is relevant ensuring you meet your targets and generate as many leads as possible.

We will also use our unrivalled knowledge of the market to get you the best possible outcome. We’ve invested time and resource into building our contacts in the industry to get you more valuable placements quicker.

4 Reasons You Should Use Newspaper Inserts in the Digital Age

Lasting Power

A digital ads is inherently fleeting, appearing on a page once before being replaced by another next time you visit.

But newspapers will stay in consumers homes, cars, bags and desks for far longer, and this staying power means that people will spend more time interacting with your ad.

Print isn’t Dead

Newspapers still reach a huge, dedicated audience; the largest newspaper in the UK has a daily circulation of 1.5 million. Nowhere else can you get this combination of audience size and engagement.

Make Your Customers Lives Easier

Newspaper inserts can save consumers time and money. Instead of finding products, all the information is presented straight to them, meaning they can get straight into ordering with having to do the research. With our help, your ads will make this process as quick for your customers as possible.

When you work with Lavery Rowe Advertising

you benefit from:

  • NO long term contracts
  • NO volume media commitments
  • NO fees or expensive creative charges

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