The mood of the nation

Update on the mood and shopping habits of the nation!

As we now look forward to the pandemic passing, feelings fluctuate and it has become difficult to understand exactly where people’s heads are right now. Many are feeling optimistic about the future since the Government laid down an exit-plan as far as restrictions are concerned. Some however, remain apprehensive about the coming changes. But how will the shopping habits of consumers ultimately be affected?

Our friends at Bauer Media recently provided us with a 2021 Insight Study which specifically reports on the moods and habits of the nation in this time and below we have outlined our biggest takeaways from this.

First things first. We have media channels to thank for playing a key role in informing, supporting, de-stressing & providing entertainment during this difficult time. In previous newsletters we have spoken about how newspaper readers are more engaged than ever, spending 24% longer reading their newspaper during the pandemic. Readers connections to their magazines have grown now too! 31% of people say they have a closer relationship with their favourite magazine now compared to pre-lockdown, which makes sense seeing as magazines stay in the home for a much longer time than newspapers. Newspapers & magazines continue to inform, entertain and provide escapism for the nation.

Here are some more insights we thought were worth sharing:

–  55% of people have been shopping more online in the last 6 months. This figure is up 8% vs September 2020, showing not only are there more people shopping online but this number is increasing over time.

–  Trust in e-commerce also seems to have improved as 1 in 3 are more comfortable buying online than they were pre-pandemic.

–  Although many people have taken a hit financially, 23% of people have found themselves spending more than they were pre-pandemic.

–  20% say that they won’t be returning to the high street at all until they see a significant decrease in infection rates.

–  It also comes as no surprise that 39% of people say “it has made me want to make improvements to my home” given the extra time we’ve all had staring at the 4 walls of our homes, noticing the cracks here and there.

–  30% admit to being more adventurous in the kitchen, opening up to new ways of shopping for ingredients and cooking their favourite meals.

–  1 in 5 specifically stated “it’s made me want to upgrade my kitchen equipment”.

–  With the closure of gym facilities, people have taken to home workouts. 1 in 5 have even said “I have been exercising more than I was before lockdown”.

This all points to a more engaged readership searching for goods and services to buy direct. Whilst the end of the pandemic cannot come soon enough, long may the transition to shopping from home continue!

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