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Direct TV Response Advertising (DRTV)

What is direct response TV advertising (DRTV)?

Direct response TV advertising (DRTV) encourages viewers to engage directly with your product or service with strong calls to actions via the telephone and web. Typically, direct response TV advertising commercials are of a longer format than brandingcommercials. They are typically 120or 90compared to just 30for a brand commercial. Another significant difference is the type of airtime purchased. Whereas branding commercials target broad, high volume audiences in peak spots reaching millions of viewers, your typical DRTV spot will appear on a lower rating channel reaching older day time viewers in the tens of thousands rather than millions. This DRTV airtime is not only more cost effective but it makes incoming phone response more manageable.

Campaign performance is usually measured by either the cost per lead or cost per sale generated. Accurate tracking of the source of every lead or sale is essential to understanding the ROI of each channel used in your DRTV campaign.

Lavery Rowe DRTV 

Lavery Rowe have nearly 40 years-experience in all direct response media. Our dedicated DRTV division uses the power of television to generate cost effective response whilst at the same time building awareness for your brand. We offer a full service from script writing and story boards through the creative process and planning and buying media. We have delivered highly effective and profitable campaigns for home improvements, fashion, home furnishings and financial services.

What will you need for Direct Response TV Advertising?

Our dedicated DRTV division can help you budget for all the costs required to launch a low risk DRTV test. We cover every aspect of the process: creative, production, media, response handling, telemarketing and fulfilment.

We will also help you set the targets and KPIs for your campaign and help you interpret the results.

How to play to the strengths of Direct Response TV Advertising

Producing a DRTV ad can seem like a daunting task if this is your first foray into television advertising, but using our 40 yearsexperience in the industry and your product knowledge, we will help you craft an effective campaign.

Taking your best performing advertising format in another medium, press advertising for example, we can utilise your promotional message and brand identity and values to form the basis of your new DRTV ad bringing it to a new audience in an engaging and compelling format.

Key to this process is recognising and utilising the inherent strengths of DRTV; television allows for visual demonstration of your product or service like no other medium.

Even if viewers may not remember facts and figures from a TV commercial, they can associate feelings and emotions with a well-produced DRTV ad. We will help you identify the key positive emotion that consumers associate with your product and find a way to link that emotion with your sales message being pushed through the rest of your well-planned and varied advertising campaign across other media.

When you work with Lavery Rowe Advertising

you benefit from:

  • NO long term contracts
  • NO volume media commitments
  • NO fees or expensive creative charges
Direct Response TV Advertising

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