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Direct Response Advertising is an advertising technique that urges a prospective customer to respond immediately and directly to the advertiser, whether it be for someone to buy your product, make a telephone appointment, request a brochure or drive people to a store, direct response advertising works – and the results prove that!

Direct Response Advertising produces easily trackable and measurable results through the use of specific codes, phone numbers, or URL’s in ads, so you’re able to track exactly how well a specific ad or media placement converted to get the most out of your advertising campaigns and budgets.

In order to set-up a successful direct response ad campaign, you will need an offer, a clear explanation of the features and benefits of the product or service to encourage the audience to respond to the offer, and a clear call the action. These three key components, paired with placing your ads in specifically targeted publications, will allow you to generate high quality leads and turn them into conversions.

Lavery Rowe Advertising has nearly 40-year’s experience as a full service direct response advertising agency specialising in generating direct sales and responses from newspapers and magazines. We strive to get clients the best results through thorough unique in-house market research, targeting specific audiences and presenting your promotion in the most engaging and compelling way in the best targeted media bought at the lowest possible cost.

Direct Response Channels

Direct Response Print Advertising

When placing a direct response ad in a specifically targeted Newspaper or Magazine it is essential to have a clear and obvious call to action. The Call to Action could be a cut out and mail coupon, a unique freephone telephone number, or a specific landing page accessed via a unique URL. Usually the more channels you make available for response, the higher your overall response will be.

Direct Response TV Advertising

Placing an advert on channels reaching older day time viewers DRTV ads are usually between 60 seconds and 2 minutes in length. These longer formats are required to elicit a response through strong calls to action, via telephone and web. DRTV is highly effective at generating high volumes of web traffic to your site.

Direct Response Radio Advertising

The benefits of radio include high reach, accurate geographic targeting and low cost. The average direct response radio ad is around 60 seconds. As with DRTV, radio is a strong driver of relevant, targeted web traffic.

Benefits of Direct Response Advertising

  • Eliciting an immediate response from the customer

Direct Response advertising is designed to evoke an instant response and encourages a customer to take action relating to a specific offer. Many clients use “offer end dates” in their press ads to invoke a sense of urgency.

  • Measurable results

When the audience responds using the unique promotion code, URL or phone number you’ll know exactly where the lead in question came from enabling you to accurately assess the performance of each individual media channel.

  • Trackable success

Being able to measure results from specific media means that you’ll know exactly what publications / media channels are working well for you and producing a positive ROI (Return on Investment). Once you can track success you can maximise your campaign and overall profitability.

  • Targeting a specific audience

You are able to buy space in a publication or TV channel that offers a certain demographic, meaning that you can accurately target those people most likely to respond, reducing wastage and improving ROI.

Press Advertising

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